The Ultimate Guide to Hiring an Exterior Painter

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But if you’re honest with yourself, you do. Especially when the cover is an old, peeling exterior paint job on a house. It just doesn’t leave a good impression. When your exterior starts to look shabby, you start looking for the best exterior painters near […]

Benefits of Exterior House Painting

Now that New Englanders have unburied from the long winter months, spring cleanup is next on the to-do list.  Often, the harsh winters bring unforeseen damage to the exterior of our homes.  From high winds to ice, winter elements can rip off trim, peel paint, and much more.  Although you may be known as a […]

Painting Brick: The Do’s & Don’ts of Exterior Painting

Up until now, most of our discussions have been about exterior painting siding or even wood. But have you ever thought about painting brick? Some people turn their nose up to painting it – they say it’s meant to be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing on its own. To that, we say “eh.” Some brick does […]

Give Your Home a Makeover with Painting Contractors

Over time, your home can show signs of aging, just like people! But since you live there, it may be hard to notice until it’s glaringly apparent. When this happens, it can seem like everything’s falling apart at once. But don’t worry! Employing the work of painting contractors like the professionals here at Target Painting […]

Painting Contractors Hidden Talent

Here at Target Painting, we’re a team of experts in a variety of areas. Although our name might be misleading, our staff of professionals can do a lot more than paint. From small odd jobs to home renovation projects, we can help our clients build their dream homes with a staff full of painting contractors. […]

Three Things to Worry About When DIY Exterior Painting

If your home is slowly falling into disrepair, giving the outside a fresh coat of paint could be just what you need. Not only will it improve your home’s appearance, but it could make it more protected from the elements and prevent future damage. All of these benefits only happen when the job is done […]

Step by Step House Painting

With an increase in HGTV’s popularity, it’s no wonder that every homeowner is diving head first into DIY projects. But before you dive into house painting in Acton, MA, consider the benefits of hiring expert painters like us at Target Painting to do the job for you. By taking the appropriate steps, we can assure […]

Does Your Deck Need A Facelift? Ask Painting Contractors

Even when using the most expensive and high-quality paint, eventually harsh New England winters can cause damage to your deck. An annual quick check for damage and scrub is necessary to keep your deck safe. Combined with a fresh coat of paint, can extend the life of your favorite outdoor hangout spot. The painting contractors […]

Environmental Factors That Affect Paint

Whether it is the dead of winter or the peak of summer, weather can have a substantial impact on just about everything that it encounters. Though houses are made to be robust and should hold up against weather, there’s no denying that plenty of things can impact the exterior despite how well-done a house painting […]

How To Make House Painting Successful

It’s no easy task to find a company that delivers what you need from them when you decide to get some house painting. It’s a crucial service that can transform your home and make it look great. So, you don’t want to have the experience be disappointing in any way. Target Painting will never let […]

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