How to Paint Your Commercial Business Exterior

Your company’s building is more than just home to your business—it’s another way to attract the attention of customers. So when it’s time to build a new building, or renovate an existing one, how can you ensure that your building gets attention? The answer is simple: make sure the structure’s exterior paint fits your business. […]

What Color Should You Choose for Your Home?

When you’re considering painting the exterior of your home, one thing that you need to think about is the color. How do you choose a color for your home, and how can you make sure the paint lasts? Plan the paint colors around design elements that are more difficult to change, such as the roof […]

How Often Should You Paint Your Home’s Exterior?

We have scheduled maintenance for our homes. Change the filters, clean the disposal, switch out the batteries in the smoke detectors, but what about exterior painting? Unfortunately, there is no schedule set in stone for this decision because there are these factors that need to be taken into consideration. Factor One: Siding The siding material […]

Why the Little Details Matter

Finding the ideal painters in Weston, Wayland, and around MA can be difficult, but one of the essential characteristics you should look for is if their team pays attention to the small details. The little details create the big picture, and there are a few ways they matter when it comes to choosing a new […]

Is it Too Late to Paint This Year?

We can’t believe the summer is already coming to an end. After another successful season as premier painters for Weston, Sudbury, Wayland, and other MA homeowners, we know that kid’s heading back to school is an indication for our projects to wind down, but that doesn’t have to be the case. We want to remind […]

5 Ways to Add Color to Your Home’s Exterior

If there’s one comment painters in Acton, Wayland, Southborough, and across the rest of MA hear on a regular basis, it’s their customers searching for ways to make elements of their home stand out with paint colors and ideas. Paint is an easy way to bring a new dimension to your home without any major […]

Signs to Walk Away from a Painting Company

Plenty of homeowners have gone online looking for house painting services in Concord, Acton, and surrounding MA towns. Though they might find plenty of results, there are many businesses out there who do not have your best interest in mind. Target Painting wants buyers to be aware of some of the biggest signs of when […]

Why We Don’t Subcontract

Unlike many of the house painting companies in and around Acton, MA, Target Painting employs all of our painters. That might sound a little strange to some, but we cannot think of any other way to conduct business with our customers. Though some might find advantages with cost savings, Target Painting believes that the benefits […]

Tips for Choosing Paint Colors

Choosing the best exterior painters for your renovation project is easy when you work with a business like Target Painting, but choosing paint colors can be seriously tricky! We know you want your home to look great and this decision can feel daunting. For those stuck on which colors to choose, our experts have a […]

What Sets Target Painting Apart?

With so many companies exclaiming to be the best exterior painters in the greater Boston area, Target Painting understands it can be daunting and difficult to identify the truly superior businesses out there. We know there are bad, good, and exceptional services, and you might be wondering how Target Painting fares in comparison to others. […]

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