Why We Don’t Subcontract

Unlike many of the house painting companies in and around Acton, MA, Target Painting employs all of our painters. That might sound a little strange to some, but we cannot think of any other way to conduct business with our customers. Though some might find advantages with cost savings, Target Painting believes that the benefits of not subcontracting any of our work outweigh any and all potential negatives.

Management control

Larger businesses often subcontract work because they do not have the staff to support their demand, and this often leads to loss of management control. At Target Painting, we know where our employees are at all times when they are on the clock. We ensure our jobs are being completed on the schedule we discussed with the client.

Security control

By hiring all of our employees, we can guarantee insurance on our jobs. There is no question of our business ethics or what would happen in the instance of an accident. Target Painting always wants to be transparent with our customers and promise them the most of their money with us every time they call.

Quality control

We are a business that prides ourselves on superior customer service and product. We work with the best professionals and products out there to give you the results you want for your exterior painting projects. We train all employees to meet our impeccable standards and will never settle for anything less than perfection.

Instead of Googling, “House painting near me,” and choosing a business on a whim, take the time to get to know the professionals at Target Painting. We’re the superior painting company because we follow all the steps to ensure it. Refusing to subcontract our work is just one of the many benefits of working with a company like ours.

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